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I had always dreamed of the day I could go into Sam Ash and drop a couple thousand dollars! When that day came the salesman had to load all the gear I bought on a u-cart, items included on that cart were my krk's active monitors, and my Pionieer DDJ-SR. Why did I choose this model over the DDJ-SX? First I didn't want to spend $1000. I know what your going to say, "but it has a four channel mixer". I really don't care, I might use all four virtual decks if I had four channels. But I've never once said to myself "damn, I wish I would have got the one with two extra channels." The RBG hot cues, and track progress in the jog wheel features were nice, but totally unnecessary.


What are the main features? Two channel built in mixer, and four virtual deck with four assignable FX slots per deck. Tempo adjustment slider with key lock, large jog wheels that can be switched between jog, and vinyl mode. Vinyl mode makes the surface of the jog wheel behave like a record on a turn table, jog mode lets you search forward and back freely. My favorite feature which my old controller lacked is auto loop. When activated you can loop a track from one beat, up to 32 measures. The auto pad plus lets you assign hot cues, roll track, slice audio, and will also act as a sampler. Lastly is the sync feature which will quantize each track to the nearest beat, and the cued tracks tempo to the other decks tempo. Real DJ's don't use this #nosync! Two head phone jacks in the front 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch with gain adjustment, cross fader curve adjustment, and a 1/4 inch microphone in with gain adjustment. Complaints? Not a single one thus far. I honestly don't use the second two virtual decks, so the two channel mixer is fine for me. I did read some web reviews that weren't kind to this controller, but I really like it. I suggest it to any one who want to learn to DJ up to the pro playing out nightly.

Back in 2009 I went out and bought my first DJ controller, numark total control with tracktor. I even got a free pair of numark headphones with it, and the headphones went all over the country with me. I eventually stopped using traktor, switching to virtual DJ pro, and that is what taught me the basics of DJing.


What was in the box? The controller (obviously), USB chord, a disk containing firmware as well as Serato DJ(which we will talk about another day). Lastly the documentation. What will you need to get started? Cables to go from the main audio out, to an interface device or amp. I'm using two quarter inch audio cables going from the 1master out to my interface, but you can also use RCA cables that will connect to the switchable 2master out/booth, and lastly there is a RCA aux input with gain adjustment.


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