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I used to be a stormtrooper, and biker scout in the 501st Legion. If you don't know, it's a cosplay organization based on the imperial characters from Star Wars. Originally I bought the costume for Halloween, but while doing research on it I found the group. Its huge. There are "garrisons" all over the world, and they do alot of charity work. Nothing seems to cheer up sick kids, like Vader surrounded by his personal bodyguards. I did one charity event for cystic fibrosis at the Tampa Zoo, where a group of kids followed me around poking me. At an autism walk a 12 year old boy was asking me how my blaster worked, and it was fun staying in character telling how it was an energy projectile weapon.


What an amazing group of people. Men and women. In some cases guys would get their girlfriends involved. There were married couples who met while "trooping" other were just women who loved Star Wars, and costuming that were single. Those women were WILD! I actually dated a Jedi, briefly. So why is this a little known fact? Because I let the opinions of stupid people make me feel ashamed. My best friend from high school told me he made fun of me behind my back for it. The same guy that marches in the color guard with the American legion post he belongs to. An ex girlfriend of mine that told me how stupid is was, and that is was a waste of time and money. I don't know why I let the opinions of a few people ruin something that alot of people find interesting. They are the same people who told me to quit doing music, grow up, and get a job. Luckily I've matured since then, and those are the comments that motivate me to keep me following my dreams. One day I'll buy another set of armor, and join up again. But until then, from Endor base this is TK-2799 signing out.

A well known fact, I'm a DJ and a music producer. I have a passion for trance music, produce a daily podcast, and DJ a weekly podcast. I bet you don't know that I'm a lover not a fighter. I don't drink alcohol, I'm a gamer, and I love history. Ancient Rome specifically, but lately I've taken a interest in Saxon England during the reign of Alfred the Great. Here is the little known fact, I'm a closet nerd! I love Star Trek, and Star Wars. I also like costuming.


My helmets were full of tech. Fans to keep the lenses from fogging, I wired speakers to a circuit board that gave my voice radio static, and the click from the mic opening and closing. For five years I marched in the parades at Disney for Star Wars weekends. You've never experienced life till you've stood half naked in the parking lot of the Hollywood Studios putting on your armor, or almost passing out because you're wearing a full suite of plastic on a 95 degree day. I've met almost every member of the cast, had my picture taken with Ray Park (Darth Maul). I've partied with Jay Lagia (the queens head of security) who was an active member, unveiling his costume on the ending day of Star wars weekends one year at Ale House on I-Drive. Man, They could party! We would do armor parties where we would get together, help new members assemble their costumes, and do wild stuff in armor usually involving alcohol. At one armor party in St. Pete a few of us held up the mail man at blaster point.


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