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I guess we all have our things that makes us “tick”… Some we can discuss, and some we can’t. Well now, doesn’t that sound intriguing… Maybe, maybe not. That’s the way I like it. Whisky makes me tick. So does a good book. Humour. Friendship. A view. And so much more too! What I can guarantee is that one thing I do everyday is listen to music. Some of it makes you want to get up and get going, or maybe just drift off in to a different place. Some of it is a reminder of a point in time, and then there are the tunes that just block out the whole world and it is just you alone, falling into the lyrics or the beat… I must say I do like Elliot Kempaggio’s mixes, something old, something new, but definitely something that just gets the head bobbing (I often wonder if my colleagues around me think I’m listening to something entirely different that what I actually am.) Probably think I have Black Lace on loop

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