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WALM Talks Bout Their Awesome Project

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With this project we started a worldwide musical revolution, showing you through 90 minute video-streaming sessions the work of the best 10 emerging producers, DJs and DJanes of electronic music from Spain, USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, Belgium and Netherlands. All genres of electronic music are welcome in our project. With your contribution of funds to this project, you help to make the streaming sessions of these 10 producers, DJs and DJanes a reality, opening a world of possibilities beyond their own borders. And after Spain what? Once we get the 10 sessions of DJs and DJs from Spain, we will take the project to the next country included in the list of 8 selected for this first round the world: Spain, USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, Belgium and Netherlands. Objetives and "Worth". We need € 6,000 (first collection goal) to pay the DJs the travel to Valencia, city from which we will make the video-retransmissions on different dates that we will announce once the financing has been obtained, at which time we will be able to complete all of them. In addition, we have set ourselves the goal of helping these producers to continue making the music we like so much, so if we raise € 21,000 (second target collection) we will deliver in your name and in the name of all who contribute funds to the project, € 1,000 each to invest in continuing to work on their music. The third stage of collection to which we aspire reaches up to € 40,500, a figure that will also serve to perform all of the above, and to set up an office from which to work still more intensely if it fits in the next stop of the project, which will bring a significant difference to the stop of Spain and is that will be those people who contribute funds to this first stop, which will choose the producers, DJs and DJanes that will compose the list of 10 selected for to perform with them the corresponding streaming sessions, this system being another of the objectives of the project: leave in your hands (walm_DJs family) the free choice of those emerging producers of electronic music that really deserve to be supported by the project. Risks and challenges The main risk that we face in our first stop is the financing. We are aware that the first steps in every project are always the hardest and the most uncertain, but we firmly believe in our project and the constant support that we received since we started working on it four years ago.

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