Audio Technica ATH M50X Studio Monitor Headphones

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My most memorable headphones were a pair of Numark's. I don't remember the model, but they were free with some gear I bought. I got them in 2009, they went to New Orleans and back with me twice, New York, and Illinois. I think the left chanel first blew in 2013, and they held out till the end of 2014.


How do they sound? They sound better than my KRK's, with each frequency represented flawlessly. When I got them home the first thing I did was the mix for the weekly show. The best part, it was like hearing my favorite tracks again for the first time. The bass is absolutely mind blowing, crisp, and clean with no boost. The noise cancellation is quite impressive as well. I walk alot, and all though I wouldn't suggest wearing profession headphones outside, they went with me the first few days. My route takes me up 436 where I turn onto the Cady Way Trail into Baldwin park. Anyone who knows Orlando knows how busy 436 is in that area, and with the volume on my phone at 18 I could barely hear the emergency vehicles. Are they expensive? No. I believe the price tag on them was $160, which is $20 less than the AKG's. If you compare the price to the popular Beats headphones, the M50x's are half the price with a professional sound, durability, and can be folded up or out with much more range of motion. Yeah, they might not be flashy or win you any popularity contests, but if you're looking for a professional sound, you money is better spent on the M50X. What has changed? The original M50's had one flaw, the cable couldn't be removed. Audio Technica listened to their customers, and changed that with the M50X using a twist and lock cable. Same professional sound, same build quality. In my opinion these are a perfect pair of headphones, and DJ's and sound engineers alike should have them in their arsenal.

We talked about studio monitors in my review of the krk active studio monitors, but we can do a brief review. A studio monitor is a speak that can produce a relatively flat (linear) phase, and frequency response. Why would I need a speaker that produces a flat sound? Using the wrong speaker will not represent how the song will actually sound.


The ATH M50x studio monitor headphones are the replacement for the legendary M50's. Same durability, I can twist them and they wont break. The are held together with a light but strong metal. Are they comfortable? Yes extremely! I wear them for hours, and they don't get uncomfortable. The reason being is the shape of the speaker itself. They are ovals vs circles witch fit the shape of the ear perfectly.


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